Drama Theatre Set Design Checklist

Preliminary materials



       Set design statement, design objective defined for the play/musical

       Scene breakdown

       Denotative and connotative research

       Rough ground plan (1/4 or Scale)

       Rough sectional (1/4 or Scale)

       Sketch and/or storyboard

       Working model with scale figures (scale of choice)

       List of transitioning scenic elements, if applicable, chart with all traveling, gripped and flown elements per scene

       Props list

       Color and texture ideas presented



Finished Drama Theatre Design Package Checklist




       Drafts including: ground plan, sectional, and elevations

       Theatre architecture drawn in

       Masking elements drawn in and labeled

       Title block

       Note box if needed


       Props list with research and budget information

       Paint elevations

       Swatches when applicable

       Finished model

       Review your own work. If you were the technical director, would you understand it?