Black Box Lighting Design Checklist

Preliminary materials



       Lighting statement, design objective defined for the play

       Cue synopsis

       Pre-visualization through image or sketch

       Composite lighting key, angle and color choices

       List of specials

       Rough lt. plot, including focus areas


Finished Light Plot Package Checklist




       Drafts including light plots: grid/gallery pipes, booms, floor positions, and sectional

       Theatre architecture drawn in (.5mm)

       Legend with appropriate symbols used

       Instrument notation

       Title block

       Note box if needed

       Masking/Scenic elements drafted in (.3mm) and labeled

       Appropriate numbering and lettering of lighting positions and instruments (unit numbers)

       Instruments hung at regular increments (18 centers)

       Instruments drawn (.7mm)

       Channel numbers assigned


       Work light positions designated

       House light positions designated

       Sectional indicating trim of electrics, borders, etc.

       Paperwork: Channel Hook-Up and Instrument Schedule, including color and template choices

       Common request form submitted to CFA

       Review your own work. If you were the electrician, would you understand it?