TH 403 – Scene Design 2


Towards an Image Driven Stage Design

Using Mendelssohn’s “Spring Song” as Text




  1. Listen to the music (parallel to a first read, get an over-all impression)
  2. Write initial reactions – images, qualities, actions that come to mind
  3. Listen second time while free drawing (parallel to a second, third read, taking detailed notes)


  1. Define the qualities within your free sketch, write these down
  2. Pull images from a pile of magazines which further express or re-invent your initial ideas (take no more than two)


  1. Write the important qualities found in your images (talk about color, line, composition, etc.)


  1. Brainstorm (imagine a performance/action which this music would underscore, imagine your cast of characters, define the essential qualities that the visual support elements should embrace, pull inspiration from the process work)


  1. Define your design objective (To create a “x” environment which contains “y,” 

            x = definition of space (the space is evocative of/feels like), y = active story)


  1. Fueled by this process, sketch ideas for the piece as it would appear in a proscenium environment (sketch from the plan and elevation view, sketch silhouettes of the people, use charcoal, indicate an idea about the lighting,

            sketch four different approaches)


  1. Prep scaled figures for the model box
  2. Learn what the limited scenic resources are (blue card stock, chalk, white string)


  1. Work up a bash model with the given materials while the music continues to play



Finished bash models will be presented next class period.