The beach/gravesite is essentially a rocky slab which can be sat and stood on.  The area which is indicated as being the "sand pit" is covered by a trap.  The trap lid recesses into the unit and slides under the portion of itself which is SR.  The poet will position himself in a open container inside the trap and will dig to the side of himself.  The remainder of the trap will be filled with "sand."  For the epilogue, the "Poet's container" would be removed and all the "sand" would be shoveled out by the gravedigger.  The coffin will be dropped in and the "sand" will be shoveled over.  I am in favor of using a sand/dirt like material as opposed to the real thing.  Having worked on a project which used shredded tires in lieu of dirt, I propose the material here.  Not only is it evocative and interesting, it is easier to control.  Lily's resting place is created by laying a "tarp" encrusted with the fresh dirt in the area marked on the ground plan, giving the illusion of a fresh burial.  A white cross would be inbedded in the end as a marker. Orwell may sit on the slab's edge to mourn Lily.

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