Advisement for Lighting Dance


Food for Thought for Each Dance Piece


This piece tells the story of…

This piece gives the feeling of….

This piece features…

The energy of the dance is….



Therefore, the lighting should be of what quality?

Therefore, the lighting should accentuate…

Therefore, the lighting palette should be…

Therefore, the cues should flow from one to another?  Snap from one to the other?



Before Tech

Provide yourself with an accurate magic sheet to use while cuing.


Rough all light cues into the lighting board (Remember that these are sketched looks, a starting point, and these looks should evolve).


Have cue placement (written out by indicating action in the dance or time in the music) noted such that it can be communicated clearly to the stage manager and choreographer.



When roughing in light cues it is helpful to have on hand:


Notes on what the purpose of each cue is

Ex. Pull focus to center… Shift mood…


A word, an emotional quality for each look

Ex. Serene


Your research, sketches or renderings